Georgian Government Gets Ready to Adopting the Human Rights Action Plan 2018-2020

27 July 2017 Georgian Government Gets Ready to Adopting the Human Rights Action Plan 2018-2020

39 Georgian public officials took part in a training about human rights monitoring, evaluation and reporting. A series of training on 12-14 and 18-20 July 2017 was organized by the Administration of the Government of Georgia with assistance from the European Union (EU) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). 

Led by an international human rights expert, David Jonson, the training focused on the preparation of the Government's Human Rights Action Plan 2018-2020, expected to be adopted by the Government of Georgia at the end of 2017. 

Based on the results of the training and his earlier consultations with the Government officials, Public Defender of Georgia and representatives of civil society and international organizations, the expert will develop a set of guidelines that will support the state agencies in monitoring and evaluation of as well as reporting on the Human Rights Action Plan 2018-2020. 

The ongoing initiative is part of the complex assistance provided by the European Union (EU) and UNDP to the Government of Georgia in the human rights area. A previous training exercise in June 2017 focused on the human rights-based approach in policy-making. 

The European Union and UNDP are assisting the protection of human rights in Georgia through the Euro 4 million EU-funded programme "Human Rights for All", which supports and promotes the implementation and monitoring of the National Human Rights Strategy and Action Plan 2014-2020.

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