On December 18, 2019, a meeting was held at the Administration of the Government of Georgia on Psychological and Social Services for Children Victims of Violence.

23 December 2019

The Government of Georgia adopted an ordinance establishing an inter-agency working group on the concept of a Center for Psychological and Social Services for Children. The working group should develop the concept of the center and monitor the implementation and ongoing process of the pilot project.

The purpose of the center's service is to provide psycho-social rehabilitation to the child victims of violence; The model is child-centered, and sensitive, meaning that the measure shall not cause extra harm and avoid secondary victimization; the center for psycho-social assistance to the child victims of violence is based on a model that has been implemented in the Nordic countries and that attempts to meet children’s needs by offering multiple services in child-friendly premises and “under one roof ”— the Nordic Barnahus model. Barnahus model represents multi-professional approaches to child victims of abuse with the double aim of facilitating the legal process and ensuring that the child receives necessary support and treatment.

The meeting was attended by representatives of state agencies and the Public Defender's Office of Georgia, as well as international and non-governmental organizations.

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