Human Rights Strategy Conference

04 December 2013 Human Rights Strategy Conference

Prime Minister of Georgia attended the ongoing Conference on Human Rights in relation to future plans. 

The Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili opened the conference with the welcoming speech.

"Past year has been quite difficult and yet productive. Indeed, it marks empowerment of democracy and focus on respect for human rights. And s EU Special Adviser on Constitutional and Legal Reform and Human Rights in Georgia Thomas Hamarberg has provided Georgia with a great deal of assistance in this regard. Mister Hamerberg was delegated by the European Union at the personal request of Mister Bidzina Ivanishvili. He spent one year in Georgia, working and observing the situation on the ground. In September, Mister Hamerberg published a detailed report, providing an exhaustive description the dynamics of respect for human rights in Georgia, pointing out problems and offering solutions to solve them, describing the current situation and providing recommendations on possible directions to draw closer to the highest standards of European countries,"- stated Irakli Garibashvili.

The main part of the event was dedicated to human rights challenges and recommendations that Georgia is facing today as well as importance of human rights strategy and plan, and the report of the EU special consultant in Georgia Thomas Hamerberg.

Taking into account Thomas Hamerberg's recommendations, the Government of Georgia is planning to develop strategy and action plan on human rights.
The Georgian government and parliament members, also representatives of the diplomatic corps and non-governmental sector are attending the conference held in hotels "Radisson".

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